Kelvin Smith

Accounting Tax & Advisory

As Director and co-founder of Here Business & Wealth, Kelvin works closely with individuals and business owners to provide the best possible guidance and advice relevant to their specific needs.

Graduating from Curtin University in 1990, he very quickly went on to become a Director of the firm originally known as LGS Business Consultants (later becoming Here Business & Wealth) where he not only established a reputation for straight talking, high level business and tax advice, but also gained a reputation for his ability to communicate clearly and effectively with clients no matter what industry or occupation they operated in.

During almost 30 years working with businesses large and small, Kelvin has been extremely active and successful within the SME sector, with specialist expertise in the construction, manufacturing, wholesale, finance, retail, health, hospitality, technology and agricultural industries. He has advised both in an internal and external capacity as Director and Chairman for several substantial and successful private businesses ($25 to $75 million) working with these entities to firstly corporatise and structure the entities and operations, with the intention of preparing exit strategies for the clients, all of which activities resulted in exceptional outcomes for the owners.  He has also been involved in various Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) and raising of capital, both publicly and privately.

Given his experience and knowledge, Kelvin is able to speak first-hand in his role as an advisor, developing meaningful, valuable and ultimately successful long-term relationships. Recognising that 'the person' and 'the business' are not separate, but are inextricably linked in the context of an individual's lifestyle goals and family, Kelvin delves into matters beyond accounting and taxation, providing critical advice on strategic planning, business structuring, risk management, succession planning as well as estate planning.

Accounting Tax & Advisory Director Kelvin Smith - Here Business & Wealth

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