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Head of Wealth Management
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Natalie has had a varied career starting in Health services, then the IT industry before moving into financial services.

Natalie completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree and obtained her certification as a Financial Planner (CFP), then went into a client services officer role and then into para-planning where she researched, modelled data, collated research, coordinated advice, built implementation strategies, and wrote reports for clients. In generating the statements of advice for clients, she honed her analytical skills in the technical aspects of the financial services field. She has an extensive background and solid experience in putting together quality in depth reports specialised to the specific needs of her clients.

She took on a hybrid role from there in retirement planning where she was able to utilise her interpersonal skills and establish a more client focused role. She dealt with pre-retirees and retirees, preparing for transition into retirement and dealing with retirement and any regulatory requirements as well. Here Natalie acquired a broad knowledge in share direct equity portfolios, whilst dealing with Australian shares, term deposits and funds management.

From there she went into insurance which she loves and finds most rewarding when a client has their claim paid. She has developed very strong business, personal, and family risk protection skills.

She moved into an operations manager role where she managed an extensive team and utilising her prior health and IT background, she began managing a financial services department that delivered financial planning to doctors, dentists, and medical specialists which she found very rewarding.

She is driven by a desire to deliver a holistic financial planning model; she loves meeting new people and being able to help people and pull together values and goals in financial modelling to achieve their desired outcomes. Natalie can offer a range of services and knowledge in personal/business risk mitigation, wealth accumulation strategies, compliance, superannuation, and life insurance.  

Natalie is an avid West Coast Eagles supporter. When she is not at the game she is at the beach, she loves all kinds of water sports. Currently she spends her time training her puppy, Teddy a King Charles Cavalier cross, and enjoying the outdoors, hiking and camping. Her interests include marine biology and zoology. On her days off you will also find her at the latest local comedy show or concert in town.

Head of Wealth Management Natalie Conroy - Here Business & Wealth

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