Norma Falconer

Head of Wealth Management

Norma Falconer is a Certified Financial Planner with an impressive career of over 30 years in the Financial Services Industry. She is accredited to provide a holistic financial planning service that includes investment planning, retirement planning and estate planning. 

Previously, Norma founded and operated her own successful financial planning business for several years, worked in portfolio management, and built and led teams at established banks and financial planning practices in South Africa.

Norma is passionate about converting complexity into simplicity and uncertainty into empowerment for her clients. With experience in advising on regulated investments, business insurance, personal insurance, estate and retirement planning; her focus is on helping clients achieve their investment and retirement goals within their estate planning and business succession liquidity strategy, ultimately leaving them with more time to enjoy life.

Not shy about sharing what she believes in, Norma has been a spokesperson for investment planning and wealth management, and has been a guest on CNBC Africa television, and a radio presenter covering daily economic news.

Outside of work, Norma is newly married, has two children, a son and daughter, and is involved in many community-based associations; from ‘Women in Business’ to dedicating time to the challenging and important work conducted by the ‘Greater Rape Intervention Project’.

Norma is responsible for all financial planning, wealth and investment management activities at Here Business & Wealth.


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