Sarina Shaw

Marketing Manager

Sarina is an experienced marketer with 4+ years’ experience in Marketing and Communications roles, working both locally and internationally.

Sarina’s focus is in digital, working across multiple types of industries, from agile e-commerce tech start-ups, growing F&B businesses to NASDAQ listed companies. During her career, Sarina has worked in some very competitive spaces and has been around the digital ‘block’ so many times she’s starting to get dizzy!

Previous to her role with Here Business & Wealth, Sarina was living and working in Singapore. She was the Marketing Manager for an international F&B company, where she helped to launch, grow and market six different cafe and restaurant brands across four countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China).

Sarina likes to jump into roles where her responsibilities fall ‘outside the box’ of a typical marketing role. She enjoys opportunities to make a difference, working on and within businesses where dedication and hard work can tangibly move the needle forward.

When she’s not in the office, Sarina uses her knowledge and experience in marketing and communications to work on her own entrepreneurial projects, something she hopes to continue into the future.

Completing University in 2010, Sarina holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Entrepreneurship.

Marketing Manager Sarina Wall - Here Business & Wealth

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