7 Reasons Xero is better for business

Sep 5, 2018
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Way back in 2011 Here Business & Wealth was one of Perth’s early adopters of Xero. Since then I’ve seen it grow and develop into the most user-friendly software platforms available. More business owners seem to be choosing Xero for their accounting software over older competitors like MYOB and QuickBooks, so below we’ve listed the top 7 reasons to make the move.

Xero now has over 1 million subscribers and have won the Canstar Most Satisfied Customers in the Small Business Accounting Software category four years in a row.

Here’s how your business will benefit from Xero:

1. It’s easy to use

Xero is easy to set-up, it’s intuitive and very easy to use. New features and updates are added automatically to the system which means you don’t need to download and install software updates…say goodbye to version control issues! It’s also cloud-based, which means you can access your information from anywhere with an internet connection, and file sharing is super easy.

2. Real-time financial data

Although not the ‘sexiest’ aspect of running a business, critical to the longevity of a business is good cash-flow management. Xero makes this easy. The Xero dashboard displays real-time information on cash coming in, and going out, which instantly provides business owners with a sense of how their business is running.

3. Collaboration has never been easier

If you have a bookkeeper or financial adviser, Xero makes collaborating and sharing information with them simple. For business owners, the set-up is quick, and there are over 700+ apps and tools that Xero integrates seamlessly with. Your advisers will have a full picture of your business’s financial position from the get-go and in real-time, which means they can provide you with smart and informed advice to save you money, instead of charging you for ‘bean-counting’.

Want to learn more about Xero? Click here.

4. Stop doing tedious tasks

Xero uses automation and machine learning to help you streamline mundane admin tasks. Create professional recurring invoices and receive updates when they’re opened.  Banking, credit card and PayPal transactions are imported and categorised automatically, and you’re also able to calculate payroll, pay employees and manage payroll taxes all in one place. Finally, you’ll also be able to better manage your cash flow by scheduling payments and easily handle personal expenses. Xero will save you time on admin tasks so you can focus on the business, not in it.

5. Community driven software

Xero is known for taking on advice and making changes based on feedback from its community of users. Business owners in the community love Xero and are very involved in helping to develop it into an even better product. In return, Xero listens and continually improves its product, so it really works for the end user.

6. Quality support – and it’s free

Xero provides a plethora of great resources, guides, training information and online tutorials to its users. In addition, there is Xero Central, an information centre with the answer to almost every question you could ever have. Finally, failing that, Xero has an award-winning 24/7 email support team to help you when you can’t find the right answer. Here Business & Wealth also has a first class team of Xero Certified Advisors who are here to help you implement and use Xero, so as to benefit and improve your business.

7. It’s pretty

Xero puts design and the user experience first. Everything has been designed to make your life easier, things are intuitive and the user experience from day dot is uncomplicated. Far from confusing accounting software that needs to be downloaded, is incredibly clunky and needs constant updates, Xero has been designed to make your business’s financial management pain-free. “Beautiful Business Accounting” is their tagline, and they’ve stayed true to that. I have used many (many) different types of accounting software over my 28+ year career, and Xero is by far the superior product. It’s reliable, efficient and makes reading your financial data easy and precise, and I will gladly prove this to you if you have any doubts.

On a final note, I want to stipulate here that I’m not paid to promote Xero, I simply love the software and believe it’s the best (YES, THE BEST) in the market. We’re keen to help you join Xero if that’s something you’d like to explore, so feel free to give us a call to set up a time to chat. Your first consultation is complimentary.

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