Here are eight easy ways your business can contribute to sustainability

Jan 20, 2020
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More and more people and businesses are thinking about how to reduce their impact on the earth. Many people are implementing changes within their homes, transitioning to a more sustainable way of living, and are demanding the businesses in their communities to follow suit.

Employees and clients now not only want, but expect, the businesses they interact with to be making environmentally positive and proactive changes to the way they conduct themselves.

We’ve listed eight easy ways you can help to develop a more sustainable business.

Reduce paper waste:

Reduce your paper waste by requesting all suppliers and contacts to provide you with invoices and documentation via email. And ensure you are doing the same when sending documentation out to your clients.

Minimise material waste:

Choose to advertise your business online via a website, social media and/or email over print media in the post.

Minimise meeting waste:

Of course, meeting your clients face to face is integral to building rapport and trust. But where you deem it possible, make a phone call or schedule in a virtual meeting instead of making that unnecessary business trip.


Stationary is a big cost in many businesses. Reuse where possible, for example you could reuse old envelopes, have printer cartridges refilled instead of replaced and dish soap containers refilled instead of purchasing new ones.


Make sure to recycle everything that cannot be reused and ensure that your staff know where the recycling bins are and how to use them (i.e. educate your staff about what can and can’t be recycled – check with your local council).

Reduce your power usage:

Always make sure that lights and computers are off when the office is closed and get in the habit of switching off appliances when they are not in use.

Overall reduction:

Turning down your aircon by just one degree on a warm day can increase your energy costs by 10%, so where possible keep this in mind when using the aircon in the office. You could also consider having your power provided by a green provider in your area. And, if you require cars for your business, consider the hybrid options available instead of purchasing standard petrol or diesel cars.

Support green:

When looking for new suppliers to work with, find out about their sustainability policy and their green products and services. For example, you could ask for recycled paper for printing, recycled tissue paper in the bathrooms, and replace old, energy heavy technology with new energy efficient models.

Supporting green initiatives in your business will not only meet the demands of the market, they will also reduce your operating costs and enable you to attract clients that are actively seeking businesses who are sustainability minded.

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