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Doug Verley
Dec 3, 2021
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Doug Verley

Managing Director

On behalf of the Here Business & Wealth (HBW) Team we want to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very safe,happy, and blessed festive season. We also want to take this opportunity to thank you, our valued clients, for your continued business relationships, your strong support, and understanding in a year that has been somewhat abnormal and disrupted.

The Year in Review

As we all know, the world has been grappling with various challenges over the last twenty months. In these times of uncertainty and change humanity has once again found a way to adapt, rise to the challenge and innovate on a grand scale to bring about solutions. The brilliance of our global scientists who rallied to produce the necessary vaccines and medical interventions in record time is incredible. As a global family we need to applaud the largely unified response to COVID. The concern, care, and generosity shown by so many, to so many, most notably our incredibly brave and tirelessly committed health workers, and to those across the world that have already received both vaccine shots. Our most sincere heart-felt condolences go out to those dear people across the world that have suffered loss and unimaginable pain over this time – we wish you will solace, strength and peace in the abundant love that surrounds you.

Closer to home, HBW has experienced some of its own challenges during the year, with a few staff members leaving the employ of the business ‘under a cloud’, to be quickly replaced with a fresh group of highly experienced, educated, and motivated people, who have rolled up their sleeves and jumped straight in. Frankly, it’s been a breath of fresh-air, and the team is happier and more productive than ever. Life has taught me through years that nothing is permanent, change is inevitable, and that everything must give way to the new. This cycle of rebirth and rejuvenation is critical to our very existence and growth.

The secret as I have discovered is to be found in the choices we make, every moment of every day. Certain choices go to the very core of our existence. We have taken this opportunity to embrace this period of modest change, and see it as a wonderful opportunity to clean-out, refresh, rejuvenate, and quickly move our company to what is a significantly better place – a far happier, collegial, and collaborative team of highly skilled and productive professionals, all pulling in the same direction, towards one unified objective, the needs, and interests of our clients.

Spotlight on certain Team members

I am personally very humbled by the positive way this awesome team of people have come together, and the sense of urgency and commitment they have displayed towards our clients. Above all, HBW is for the first time in a long time a very happy place to come to work, with a strong team culture, collegial approach, and relentless commitment to delivering the best that we can for our clients.

David Dwyer

Head of Accounting and Tax

We have moved quickly to make a material investment in securing exceptional new people in our Accounting & Tax business, under the new and refreshing leadership of David Dwyer, who recently relocated from Esperance. David has brought to our team 37 years of deep accounting and tax practice experience, as well as a clear and deliberate leadership style, and a laser-focus on ensuring high-quality outcomes for our clients. David enjoys a very broad and deep knowledge of most aspects of accounting and tax law and is an expert in the intricacies of SMSF strategies. David has a very personable and engaging manner and thoroughly enjoys exploring options and solutions with his clients. Furthermore, over this time, we have also invested significantly in cleaning-up and further developing some of our systems and procedures in our Accounting & Tax business, which will no doubt filter through to providing greater convenience, speed, and quality for our clients.

Natalie Conroy

Head of Wealth

Our financial planning business under the leadership of Natalie Conroy is performing at its very best, and I know first-hand that clients are thoroughly enjoying their extremely well-prepared and to-the-point interactions with Natalie and deriving a great deal of benefit from the vast knowledge and experience she brings to the table. As with David, Natalie is a highly dedicated professional with an unwavering client-centric ethical approach to all she does in the workplace. Natalie is easy to talk to and get along with, and I have absolute faith that your experience with her will be both very enjoyable and extremely productive.

Rob Marusco

Co-Founding Director and Head of Here Capital

Our corporate finance business, under the leadership of Rob Marusco, one of the smartest, most honest, hard-working, and likeable people I’ve ever met, has had an extremely busy and successful couple of years.

Significant progress has been made across a broad array of very interesting and diverse client engagements, many of which have enjoyed exceptional guidance and advice from Rob Marusco, Andrew Jones, Bruce Mitchell and dare I say, myself.

We have conducted numerous successful capital raisings for clients, secured key ‘shell-companies’ for strategic ASX transactions. Successfully managed complex client matters with the ASX and ASIC, participated-in and provided on-going sound Company Secretarial and Governance services to some of our ASX Listed Companies.

We have sat on and provided board advice to numerous of our ASX Listed and larger privately owned unlisted client companies, led and provided guidance in a number of corporate legal matters. We have also developed numerous complex financial models for clients, completed a number of company valuations, finalised a large number of capital raising offer documents and investor pitch decks whilst facilitating a myriad of strategic workshops.

The HBW corporate finance team have also managed to formulate and drafted many strategy & business plans, very successfully provided part-time out-sourced CFO services to some of our pre-IPO and larger privately owned client companies, and very successfully coached and mentored numerous leadership teams towards improved performance, and significantly improved strategic direction and implementation, and in-so-doing transferring vital knowledge.

Lisa Gigli

Group Practice Manager

We have also been extremely fortunate to secure Lisa Gigli as our new Group Practice Manager, to replace our previous long-standing practice manager who left on short-notice due to ill-health. Lisa has joined us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in accounting and tax practice management. She has made a very positive impact and covered considerable ground in improving and streamlining certain policies, practices, and procedures. I am absolutely certain our business and clients are going to benefit enormously having Lisa at the helm of everything administration and client service.

Christmas Hours

We will be closing our offices from 5:00pm on the 22nd of December and reopening on the 5th of January.

It is our serious desire to meet with as many of you as we can before the 22nd, and where possible to commence your 2021 work and tax planning, your business review and strategic/business planning and revised budgeting, and very importantly your personal financial planning asap. Furthermore, I would like to invite you to please schedule a meeting with David Dwyer, Natalie Conroy, Rob Marusco, Bruce Mitchell, or myself at your very earliest convenience – “no time like the present” to get a good jump start on the new calendar year, and please remember we are HERE for you.

To express our gratitude to you, our valued clients, and also to do our small part in the world HBW will be making its annual donation to zero2hero this year in acknowledgment of the outstanding work that Ashlee Harrison and her team do in the area of mental health and well-being for our young people.

I have little doubt that 2022 is going to be a good year for HBW, our team and our valued clients, and I would like to reassure you that we are HERE for you 24/7, and that as a team we will do all that we can to ensure your needs are meet, and that you enjoy a quality and productive experience with us.

We wish you a very happy, restful, and blessed Festive Season.


Doug Verley

Managing Director

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