"High-Risk" ATO scam email hits Aussie inboxes

Feb 22, 2017
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We have been made aware of a “High-risk” ATO scam email that is currently being used right here in Perth.  We are passing on the warning not to click on “high-risk” Australian Taxation Office scam emails, which have hit inboxes across the country within the last 24 hours.

Details of a large-scale malicious email impersonating the ATO have been revealed, with thousands of messages distributed nationwide – each with a unique link, making it hard for anti-virus software to detect the bulk email as suspicious.

Distributed in bulk just as most Australians arrived at work this morning, the malicious email has the potential to infect computer systems with anything from key logging spyware to file-encrypting ransomware CryptoLocker.

Purporting to come from the ATO, the message tells recipients their Business Activity Statement (BAS) is available to view, with the well-formatted email including the Australian Government coat of arms image sourced from the ATO website.

Do not click on any links contained within, or attachments to, these emails as they are potentially damaging to your computer and network.

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