Xero Projects: drive profitability by easily tracking time and costs on every job

Feb 14, 2018
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Are you a small business owner that needs to track jobs to maximise the best return on your investment?

Are you still fiddling around with spreadsheets to monitor your jobs, or worse still writing everything down on paper?! Don’t worry, you’re likely not the only one, but it is time to step into the present! The only way your business will be able to compete in today’s ever-changing environment is to stay relevant, to be able to make smart decisions and to keep one eye on the future while also being able to manage the present effectively.

So how to do all this, while also being in the day to day of your business? Xero Projects might be the answer.

Xero Projects is the simple way to capture, track and report on the time and money spent on each job so you can proactively invoice your clients, make informed decisions and manage your project financials more efficiently.

Xero Projects has been designed to make it easy to track and understand your numbers.

Profitability is key to service businesses. Each job needs to be profitable, and all costs need to be captured. Xero Projects was designed and built with this in mind.

It’s aimed at businesses with straightforward time and job cost tracking needs and solves the problem of dealing with complex and expensive project management software.

Some of the key features are;

– Fully integrated with Xero
– Supports fixed price and time and expenses invoicing
– Available on iOS on Android
– Assign your actual invoices, bills and bank transactions
– Visibility across all jobs and how they’re tracking
– Monitors budgets and job costs
– Out-of-the-box reporting
– Real-time view of all your projects in one place

If you’re a small business with simple costing needs, Xero Projects is likely the perfect solution for you.

Successful business owners take the first step toward better profitability when they stop thinking of cloud accounting software, like Xero, as simply a financial management solution and start thinking of it as a comprehensive tool for business growth.

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