Equity Crowd Funding

Think outside the box.

You’re just starting out. You’re excited by the possibilities and you ready to get your business off the ground. You've developed your big idea into a plan that you’re executing, and you’re at a point where you need funds to make your business dreams a reality.

You’re too new for a business bank loan, so you need to look elsewhere to secure funds. You’ve heard of equity crowd funding and you know it's worked for other great business ideas in the past. But you're not sure 100% sure of the process, and you’d like help strategising your plan.

You want to craft a compelling crowdfunding campaign to attract interest in your business.

At Here, we love helping our clients develop equity crowd funding campaigns that sell. We know that the capital raising process can be complex. That’s why we get to know you, your business and the outcomes you’re looking to achieve. With that information as a basis, we can advise you on the best path to take, help you to develop your crowd funding strategy and draft a compelling campaign to help you reach your target funds.

You'll come to think of us an extension of your team, advising and guiding you along the process. Our primary goal is to get you funded, and we'll help you at every stage to ensure that happens. We want you to lean on our expertise to fast-track your success. Together, let's expedite the journey from where you are, to where you’re going.

Find out what’s possible.

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