Optimise your income.

Your financial world can be complex. You might have income from a variety of sources, maybe you’re in full-time employment while working on a side hustle, you’ve invested in shares, you’ve bought a rental property or you own your own business. Your financial world is very specific to you. You need curated advice and a focused pathway to your ideal life.

You want to feel secure knowing you’re on track to live your best life. And you want to do everything you can to fast track the results.

Our team of advisors, backed by years of experience, love helping you to optimise your money. Your money is personal, it's important, and so is protecting it. At Here, we provide you with clarity around your money and its security.

We assist by developing a plan that will help to maximise your earnings growth, secure your savings and minimise your liabilities through smart strategies like income splitting, salary sacrifice, expense management and we provide guidance when it comes time to buy or sell an asset.

You’ll receive access to our Here Wealth Portal that will give you a real-time snapshot of your financial position and we create annual portfolio snapshots so you can tangibly measure progress. Plus, we meet with you on an annual basis so we're always on top of what's changed in your world, revising your plan and guiding you to implement optimisations that will bring you a step closer to your best life.

Our Income Planning covers the following areas:

  • Income Splitting
  • Salary Packaging
  • Salary Sacrificing
  • Pre-paid Expenses
  • Capital Gains & Losses

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