Investor Relations Management

You need a clear and consistent message.

You're taking your company public, or you've already listed on the open market. The disclosure obligations for a public company are plentiful, so you need an expert, backed by years of experience, to take the time-consuming task of managing investors off your hands. You want to develop a consistent and credible company message, and you need an IR manager who has a proven track record of managing a diverse group of investors.

You need an IR manager that will manage public expectations, develop a consistent business message and one that will help investors trust and feel confident in your company.

We cover all your IR management requirements. We believe investor relations boils down to creating a clear and consistent line of communication between a company and its investors. From financial calendar announcements and updating the public on your company’s latest news, to operational updates and informing on future prospects, lean on us to consistently communicate to your investors. We can assist in cultivating a compelling public message that will help maintain a fair value and keep your investors happy.

Our Investor Relations Management also covers the following areas -

  • Annual Reporting
  • All Regulatory Announcements
  • Chairman & CEO Addresses
  • Crisis/Issue Management
  • AGA Management & Advice
  • Q&A Rehearsal
  • Speechwriting
  • Management of Board Appointments
  • Corporate Secretarial Services

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