Joint Venture Strategy, Negotiation & Structuring

Strengthen your business and maintain your independence.

The rate of organic growth in your business isn’t fast enough. You want to align yourself with a strategic partner that will 'fill' the gaps and strengthen your business. And you'd also like to keep your independence, which means a merger or acquisition isn’t the right route for you.

You've found a business you think would be the right fit for an alliance, or you’re hoping to find one that is ready to join forces. You’re at a stage now where you’d like to make things official.

You want to strategically partner with another business to offset gaps in yours, and you'd like to maintain your independence and keep ownership of over your business.

We're here to help you set up a winning strategic joint venture. We can assist you to strategise, negotiate terms and correctly structure your joint venture. From finding and accessing target partners, drafting and/or reviewing contracts and agreements, to the financial set up and management of the venture, we cover all your basis.

Our joint venture expertise enables us to develop successful and mutually beneficial joint venture partnerships. We know maintaining your independence and protecting your business is a top priority. With that in mind, we can help you to assess your partners prior to entering into a contractual agreement, setting you up for a successful joint venture where each member can take full advantage of the benefits each business has to offer.

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