Listing on the ASX - IPO/RTO

Your guide to a successful ASX listing.

Taking a company public is no small feat. It's common knowledge that a listing on the ASX is both rewarding and extremely challenging. Listing your company is life-changing, but it also can take months to years and is usually fraught with many roadblocks. You need an experienced guide to help you navigate the journey, and you’d like to be supported by a team with the know-how and resources to accelerate the process.

You need an advisor who will partner with you for the journey. Someone who is backed by an experienced support team, and who has adequate resources and an extensive investor network that you can tap into.

Fast-track your path to a listing on the ASX.

Our team is here to make your listing a success. Every company is different, and every listing comes with its own set of challenges. We know there is no one standard path to list on the ASX. That’s why we partner with you. We get to know you and your company, deep diving into what you do, and what you're hoping to achieve. With that information as a basis, we develop a path to listing that is the best fit your specific set of circumstances.

Whether you are interested in an IPO or an RTO (back door listing/reverse take-over), we have you covered. From documenting the pros and cons and finding and assessing acquisition targets, to capital raising, sourcing shell companies and strategising your path to a listing, we have the know-how, the team, and the experience.

As your ASX listing partner, you’ll come to think of us as an extension of your team guiding you along the journey. At every stage we remain focused on the ultimate goal, to get your company listed. We want you to lean on our expertise, resources and network to fast-track that process.

Our ASX Listing service covers the following areas -

  • IPO & RTO Methods
  • Sourcing Shell Companies
  • Sourcing Executive Staff & Board Members
  • Capital Raising
  • Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Strategic Advice
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

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