Management Performance Standards

Define the performance you expect.

As a business owner and manager, you’ll often explain what each role in your team is expected to accomplish, however, what’s often overlooked is detailing how well each team member is expected to perform.

The only way for someone to understand how they are going and what needs to be improved, is if they can compare their performance to what is expected. If there's nothing to benchmark against, is it really their fault if they’re missing the mark?

You want meaningful, reasonable and attainable standards that outline how well management is expected to perform.

We’re here to help you document the management performance standards for your business. No role and no business are the same. That’s why we get to know you and the outcomes you’d like to achieve to formulate the right performance standards for each management role.

Not only do we help to clarify technical expectations in a specific role, but we can also assist you to develop a set of general performance standards based on behaviours you’d expect from well-functioning members of your team.

Our job is to help you detail the performance you’d expect in each management role, and we align those standards with the overarching plan and goals set out by you for your business.

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