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Strategic and tactical planning for your negotiations.

When buying and selling an asset, small and medium businesses tend to have a hard time setting and agreeing upon a market lead price. This means that getting the best deal often hinges on how well it's negotiated.

You want a clear strategic plan for your deal negotiations, and you want that plan to be broken down into tactical actions you take to fast-track its closure.

You may be researching assets to buy or looking to exit your business through a sale, no matter the circumstances, we’re here to help. Developed over years guiding businesses through strategic deals, our advisors have a proven framework and trusted approaches when negotiating for our clients.

No one deal is the same. We use our framework to understand what outcomes you are seeking to achieve, and we tailor our approach based on those outcomes. We know negotiations don't come down to who can fight the hardest, they are complex and often delicate processes that need to be managed with a steady hand.

The key to every strategic negotiation is to listen, communicate, understand interests and motivators, maintain focus on outcomes and to stay open to ideas and solutions. We also look to anticipate and assess the impact of potential risks, mitigating and developing avoidance strategies as part of our overall planning process. Our aim is to deliver successful outcomes for you, and we'll use every tool available to us to make that happen.

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