Self-Managed Super Funds

Control your investments, direct your future.

You want to be empowered to make decisions about investments that will have a direct impact on you and your family. That’s why when it comes to setting your money aside for the future, you need a fund that will give you control over what investments are made, and how those investments are managed. Ultimately, you want to set yourself up for a comfortable retirement by optimising your money and maximising your savings.

You want control over your superannuation investments, you want to create conditions for tax efficiencies, and you want to optimise your savings.

That’s where we come in. Our Wealth Management advisors work closely with our Accounting, Tax and Advisory team to deliver our Self-Managed Super Fund (“SMSF”) service.

When it comes to your retirement plan, we know there’s no one size fits all. That’s why we get to know you and the retirement outcomes you want to achieve so that we can understand your retirement income needs. With that information as a basis, we develop a pathway for you to meet your financial retirement goals. Our SMSFs are designed to maximise your tax savings, give you control over your investment decisions and provide you with cost advantages not typically seen in traditional superannuation funds.

Included as part of our service to you are reviews of your investments at agreed upon intervals to ensure they're on track. Plus, we'll touch base with you regularly so that we're always on top of what's changed in your world, revising your retirement plan and advising on optimisations that you can make to your SMSF that will improve your investments and maximise your savings.

Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs)

We are licensed to provide you with an optional Managed Discretionary Account service that works with your SMSF. This service essentially allows us, your financial advisors, to maintain your SMSF investments for you. You remain the direct legal owner of your investments, which are registered in your name, and you will have the final say on all investment decisions made. But, the MDA provides us with significantly improved management efficiencies day-to-day, which means improved SMSF outcomes for you long-term.

Our SMSF service covers the following areas:

  • Goal Setting
  • Retirement Planning
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Tax Planning
  • Optional: Managed Discretionary Accounts


More about MDAs

An MDA allows your investment manager to make decisions about your portfolio on your behalf. It’s a way for you to delegate the tedious day to day decision making about your investment portfolio to a specialised expert. An MDA provides many benefits that other services in the market don’t, these include-

  • Ideal for High Net Worth Individuals and SMSFs
  • Eliminates duplicate costs by integrating investment administration, investment management and advice services
  • Improved efficiencies, promoting better outcomes.
    Note: If you wish, we are able to continue notifying you prior to making any changes to your portfolio. We have seen however that over time clients prefer the advantages of the discretion and the ability to move in and out of stocks quickly so as to alleviate any negative portfolio performance.
  • MDAs enable Fund Managers to deliver solutions at sharper pricing without compromising portfolio outcomes
  • Direct equity solutions, with a lower raw cost and transparency of investments and an ability to control your tax position
  • Specialised technology designed to cater for direct investments, unitised structures and sophisticated portfolio modelling capabilities
  • Different fee structures available, delivering a “pure” fee-for-service approach

Additional benefits include

  • You beneficially own the investments in your Managed Account allowing for full flow through of all dividends and franking credits.
  • We can develop a portfolio which reflects the investment objectives
  • We can select from six different tax methodologies, choosing one that suits your specific needs

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