Strategic Analysis & Planning

Develop your leading edge.

You know the key to winning in business is to maintain a competitive advantage. To do that, you need a strategic plan. One that will evaluate and document exactly what makes your business special and how you’ll use that to get ahead and grow your business.

In the past, you've found it challenging to stay on top of the competition. Keeping up to date with market conditions, staying relevant and competitive in a global market, financial pressures and economic changes can sometimes feel overwhelming. Plus, knowing where to start and what to focus on when it comes time to plan for the year ahead can be daunting, often being left to another day.

You want help navigating the changing economic and market landscape.

You want clarity on what to focus your time and energy on, and you’d like to document it all in a strategic business plan that has actionable points that you feel confident tackling with the support of an experienced advisor.

We believe strategic analysis and planning is the cornerstone of every successful business. So, our business advisors partner with you to assess your business and bring clarity.

We like to challenge long-held assumptions, and we pride ourselves on our ability to spot and develop smart solutions to difficult problems that only a fresh pair of experienced eyes are able to find.

Our technical experience, accumulated over many years, places us in a unique position to help assess and hone the varying aspects of your business. From optimising your financials and forecasting for the future, to business analysis and action planning. We want you to lean on us, so that together, we can develop your leading edge and establish your business as a market leader that continues to beat the competition.

Our Strategic Analysis & Planning service covers the following areas -

  • Business Planning
  • Action Planning
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Financial Modelling
  • Business Improvement
  • HR & Management Planning
  • Business Development & Improvement
  • Crisis Management & Turnaround
  • Business Modelling

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